Don’t Let Your Leather Weather: Why You Should Have Your Leather Furniture Professionally Cleaned

Leather furniture is a timeless and luxurious addition to any home, and all types of leather upholstery, from simple dining chairs to expensive sofas, are renowned for combining comfort with excellent durability.

However, even the toughest pieces of leather furniture can become dull and discoloured over time if they are not thoroughly cleaned, and an attempt to undertake the complex and laborious task of cleaning them yourself can be challenging. As such, many leather furniture owners turn to professional leather upholstery cleaning services to keep their furniture clean and new-looking, and there are several good reasons why leaving it to the professionals makes sense:

Why should I have my leather furniture professionally cleaned?

Professional cleaning compounds

Part of the reason leather is so durable is because the tanning process preserves the leather with several natural preservative oils. Under ordinary circumstances, these preservative oils can remain effective for decades, but they are very vulnerable to harsh or unsuitable furniture cleaning chemicals, which can force the oil from the 'pores' of the leather and cause your furniture to shrivel, crack and discolour.  Particularly delicate leathers, such as nubuck, can lose their preservative qualities even when used with the highest quality leather cleaning chemicals available for open sale.

Professional upholstery cleaning companies, on the other hand, are able to use a wide variety of specialised cleaning compounds that effectively remove dirt and soiling without damaging the leather beneath or denaturing its preservative oils. Upholstery cleaning experts are very familiar with the proper use of these compounds and will ensure that your leather suffers no damage during the cleaning process

Professional cleaning equipment

Leather upholstery cleaning services also have access to powerful, specialised vacuums, motorised buffers and other equipment designed to eradicate all traces of dirt and detritus from your leather furniture. Trying to use ordinary cleaning equipment (such as home vacuum cleaners) to clean your leather furniture can be counterproductive; many home vacuums possess an insufficient amount of power to draw deeply embedded dirt out of your leather, and can also scratch and scuff your leather's finish if not used with the utmost care.

Restoration services

Most leather upholstery cleaning companies will also include leather restoration services when contracted to clean your furniture, and these services can do a great deal to rejuvenate dull, aging furniture. Besides applying specialised leather oils designed to promote shine and leave your leather looking brand new, restoration experts can also add tints and dyes to leather furniture faded by age or damage and are able in many cases to restore leather to its original colour.

Protection for the future

Once the cleaning is complete, leather cleaning professionals can also apply protective coatings and varnishes to help your leather furniture repel dirt and damage more effectively. These coatings generally come in the form of sprays or creams and have the added benefit of softening leather stiffened by age.

Insurance if things go wrong

Leather is an organic substance, and as such even the most meticulously-conduct cleanings can occasionally have unpredictable and unwanted side effects. If you accidentally damage your leather while cleaning it yourself, you can leave yourself badly out of pocket -- on the other hand, all reputable leather upholstery cleaning services have extensive insurance against accidental damage to furniture and will be able to compensate you fully if your leather becomes accidentally damaged at any point.

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